Wednesday, December 21, 2011

no sleep

I'm on break now.. thank goodness..I feel like this school has done nothing but discourage me lately. I walked in last Tuesday only to discover that one of my school loans got denied. Luckily I was able to get a different one out, BUT it shoved my graduation date ahead, which absolutely crushed me, of course. 

I am utterly disturbed by the fact that someone who does not want this as bad as I do can graduate before me just because they or their parents are in a better financial position.

I also nearly failed one of my final projects because I turned in 6 out of 8 photos.
This quarter, I have learned that it is much better to turn in 8 terrible photographs that were shot the day before the project was due, than to turn in 6 that were worked on over a period of weeks.

I did manage to get a C for all my hard work though.
I have decided that my grades at The Art Institute mean nothing to me, due to the fact that someone who either does a terrible job, turns their work in late, or just plain does not care, somehow always manages to get praised and get an A.  

(Heather helping me test lights for JD's photograph)
Thank goodness that this girl exists, because I swear I would never be able to get through a day at AIP anymore without her. Heather, thank you for being such a wonderful person. It was truly a blessing that I met you. If I find that nothing else good comes from this school, I know that I have at least met someone who I know will always be around for me and care about me no matter how grumpy or sad or frustrated & mean I can be...and I swear, we could both be in the worst mood and still manage to come out laughing in the end. It's so nice to have someone like that here. She is also an epic photographer and helps drive my creativity & pushes me to do more. I have never in my life met someone more creative than her. Her mind is like magic.

anyways.. here are some photographs i guess.
I was really bothered by my last one because I wanted more paint. So I bought more and painted myself again. I don't think anybody has any idea how much fun this can be.... minus the fact that once the paint started to dry, it felt like my skin was burning off.

This really needs a lot of work. I plan on reshooting this soon. You most likely will not understand this unless you have played the video game Fallout.

And these are just some more photos of J.J. that I've been working on. He rocks.

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas. I know I will because I need this time off and I have been playing BIOSHOCK nonstop.


  1. People who do crappy work always get praised. You know how life works :P No matter what it is.

    PS - You're weird.

  2. I like everything about these pictures except that I'm not in any.

  3. haha Jeff I will have to photoshop you in one XD