Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pirates game... and a protestor..YAY!

Today for my news photography class, I went to photograph a Pirates game.. It really wasn't that interesting... and it didn't help that I don't know anything about baseball. I just like when they were shooting the hot dogs into the crowd... and I was sitting with Dustin and Heather, and it's impossible to be bored with them because they are rad. Oh yeah, we were sitting in the wrong seats up until the 7th inning and didn't realize it. We were suppose to be in section 27.. and we were sitting in 127, which was actually way farther up from our real seats. Of course that's something we would do.

but we make an awesome trio, and they are my best AIP friends :D

Here are some photos from the game... (click to view larger... i type this in every post..oh well)

Before going to the game, I got off the T at Steel Plaza to go grab something to eat.. and I ran into a protestor..I'm not exactly sure what he was talking about.. but I just know he was saying something about abortion and men.. and screaming really, really loud. This ended up helping me out a ton, because I did not shoot anything for news class last week (which would have been due this week if we didn't go to the game) So I was behind a whole assignment. Now I'm not. Wooohoooo!! I've had several people ask me why I always have my camera with me, even when I'm just going down the street. This is exactly the reason why I bring my camera with me EVERYWHERE. You never know when you will find stuff like this.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I have a ton of photos.. this is my niece Emily. The photos turned out amazing. I'm very happy with them :) Thanks for all the help Em!!

(click to view larger)

Wandering around...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Note to self...

...Work on everything when you are half asleep, have a migraine, a sinus infection, and just feel like absolute crap.. You do a much better job, and can think of better ideas.

See, I'm a good photographer when I can be good at photography.

 (click to view larger)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Matt's Senior Photos

I only uploaded two of these before, but here are the rest. They are only head shots because it decided to snow the day we did these.. I LOVE how they turned out though and I'm actually proud of my work for once! I haven't liked much of my work lately because I've been rushing for school...but when I take my time, I can do good work! So happy with these :D We are doing more some other time.. They are planned for tomorrow but weather says rain tomorrow.. But there are more to come!


My attachment for my light stand finally came in the mail... which means I don't need someone to hold the giant umbrella anymore! WOOHOO!!.... I go back to school on Tuesday. This week went by too fast, but it's ok because AIP is the BEST!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Matt... again..

This was taken using a Canon 580ex to the right of the camera with a 60inch convertible umbrella (I used it as a shoot through).. I also used a 48inch 5 in 1 reflector as the background and removed the shiny cover and used the translucent part...I propped it up against something outside and.. this is what I got! As usual.. click the image to view it larger!!! It looks RAD!

There are still a lot more of these.. but I'll put more up when I get time. Hopefully Saturday..