Sunday, February 26, 2012


    This week I'm going to be extremely busy. I'm working on a lot of images and getting photographs ready to show to some galleries in Pittsburgh this Friday night. There is an event called "Unblurred" that takes place the first Friday of every month on Penn Avenue that I actually had no idea even existed.. until my awesome manager Eric told me. He also gave me an idea and told me to make little booklets with my contact information to hand out to people during the event. So I've been trying to get together all my stuff and I also have a lot of printing to do! I am SUPER excited for this Friday, because if you've seen me or been around me lately, you probably know how much I'm starting to dislike The Art Institute and how much it's been bummin' me out.
    I can't say that I haven't learned anything..because I definitely have. But what I can say is that the money I'm spending is not worth the quality of the education I am getting. A lot of the stuff I have learned recently, I taught myself. The only real benefit I'm finding from the school now is the fact that I can sign out a studio space and print my photographs there. Not worth the $93,000. Really.
Ninety-three thousand dollars.

Thank goodness I live with my parents... or I think my gerbil would be the only thing powering my computer. Kung Pao Chicken can run on his wheel all day.

Well... Here's a photo. It's Heather lit with 2 strobes with gridspots and red gels from behind (left and right)

I will update after I actually get to experience Unblurred.. WOOHOOO.

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